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Automated Clearing House (ACH)

ACH is an electronic payment method for Customs fees, duties, and taxes.
Normally for advances of customs duties, a Customs broker will bill the importer for the amount of duty paid, or for higher figures require a separate check payable to Customs.

The benefits of the program for the importer:

  • Paperless, consolidated processing of import duty payments.
  • Reduced administrative & clerical expenses to process duty checks and for check problems or errors.
  • Direct debit with a two-day float after pay date. Enhanced cash flow control by identifying exact date of allocations.
  • Direct accounting for import duty overhead. Other landed cost items usually be covered under the Customs broker’s invoice.
  • Improved access to the Customs automated environment.
  • 10 day clock applies to quota & other special class entries, extending the importer’s payment liability clock and speeding the release of cargo.
  • Benefits apply to entries in all ports of entry, so the importer may use the assigned payer number with all Customs brokers.
  • Avoid fines for late payments.