International Activities Corporation

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  • C/O

    Certificate of Origin
  • CAD

    Cash Against Documents
  • CAF

    Currency Adjustment Factor
  • CBER

    Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research
  • CBM

    Cubic Meter
  • CBP

    United States Customs and Border Protection
  • CCC

    Chinese Ceramicware Factory Code
  • CDER

    Center for Drug Evaluation and Research

    Container Freight Station to Container Freight Station
  • CFS/CY

    Container Freight Station to Container Yard
  • CIF

    Cost, Insurance and Freight
  • CIN

    Color Identification Number
  • CMC

    Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls
  • CO

    Certificate of Origin
  • COS

    Cosmetic Registration Number
  • CPT

    Device Component

    Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
  • CVD

    Countervailing Duties
  • CWT

  • CY/CY

    Container Yard to Container Yard