International Activities Corporation

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  • FAK

    Freight All Kinds
  • FAP

    Food Additive Petition Approval Number
  • FAS

    Free Alongside
  • FCC

    French Cheese-Facility Certification Number
  • FCE

    Food Canning Establishment Number
  • FCL

    Full Container Load
  • FDA

    Food and Drug Administration
  • FDA

    Food and Drug Administration (US)

    Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act
  • FDCA

    ederal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act
  • FEU

    Forty-foot container equivalent
  • FMC

    Federal Maritime Comission
  • FOB

    Free On Board
  • FOIA

    Freedom of Information Act
  • FPA

    Free of Particular Average
  • FSC

    Fuel Security Surcharge
  • FTZ

    Free Trade Zone
  • FW

    United States Fish and Wildlife Service