International Activities Corporation

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  • 3461

    Customs BP Release Document
  • 7501

    Customs BP Entry Summary
  • A/F

    Air Freight
  • ABI

    Automated Broker Interface

    (Electronic Product Radiation Control )  Accession Number
  • ACH

    Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic network for financial transactions in the United States. ACH processes large volumes of credit and debit transactions in batches. ACH credit transfers include direct deposit, payroll and vendor payments. With ACH Debit, the payer transmits payment authorization to CBP, and CBP sends the payment information through the network to the payer's financial institution.
  • AD

    Anti Dumping
  • AES

    Automated Export System
  • AF

    Air Freight
  • AI

    Additional Information Letter
  • AIN

    Food Additive Identification Number

    Abbreviated New Animal Drug Application

    Radiation Products Annual Report Accession Number
  • AND

    Abbreviated New Drug Application Number
  • ANDA

    Abbreviated New Drug Application
  • ANSI

    American National Standards Institute
  • BAF

    Bunker Adjustment Factor
  • BL

    Bill of Lading
  • BLA

    Biologics Licensing Application
  • BLN

    Biologics License Number
  • BOL

    Bill of Lading
  • BPCA

    Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act
  • C/O

    Certificate of Origin
  • CAD

    Cash Against Documents
  • CAF

    Currency Adjustment Factor
  • CBER

    Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research
  • CBM

    Cubic Meter
  • CBP

    United States Customs and Border Protection
  • CCC

    Chinese Ceramicware Factory Code
  • CDER

    Center for Drug Evaluation and Research

    Container Freight Station to Container Freight Station
  • CFS/CY

    Container Freight Station to Container Yard
  • CIF

    Cost, Insurance and Freight
  • CIN

    Color Identification Number
  • CMC

    Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls
  • CO

    Certificate of Origin
  • COS

    Cosmetic Registration Number
  • CPT

    Device Component

    Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
  • CVD

    Countervailing Duties
  • CWT

  • CY/CY

    Container Yard to Container Yard
  • D.O.

    Delivery Order, akin to Bill of Lading
  • DDM

    Device Domestic Manufacturer

    Division of Drug Marketing, Advertising, and Communications
  • DEV

    Device Foreign Manufacturer Registration Number
  • DFE

    Device Foreign Exporter Registration Number
  • DG

    Dangerous Goods
  • DII

    Device Initial Importer Registration
  • DLS

    Drug Listing Number
  • DOJ

    Department of Justice
  • DPL

    Denied Parties List
  • E

    Euro currency
  • EIN

    Exporter Identification Number
  • EIR

    Establishment Inspection Report
  • EMA

    European Medicines Agency
  • ERR

    Entry Review Requested
  • ExDec

    Export Declaration
  • ExW

    Ex Works
  • FAK

    Freight All Kinds
  • FAP

    Food Additive Petition Approval Number
  • FAS

    Free Alongside
  • FCC

    French Cheese-Facility Certification Number
  • FCE

    Food Canning Establishment Number
  • FCL

    Full Container Load
  • FDA

    Food and Drug Administration (US)
  • FDA

    Food and Drug Administration

    Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act
  • FDCA

    ederal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act
  • FEU

    Forty-foot container equivalent
  • FMC

    Federal Maritime Comission
  • FOB

    Free On Board
  • FOIA

    Freedom of Information Act
  • FPA

    Free of Particular Average
  • FSC

    Fuel Security Surcharge
  • FTZ

    Free Trade Zone
  • FW

    United States Fish and Wildlife Service
  • GATT

    General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
  • GO

    General Order
  • GTO

    Global Transport Organization
  • GW

    Gross Weight
  • HAWB

    House (consolidator) Bill of Lading
  • HCT

    Biologics Human Cells, Tissues/ Cellular and Tissue-Based Products
  • HMF

    Harbour Maintenance Fee
  • HRN

    Biologics Human Cells, Tissues/ Cellular and Tissue-Based Product Establishment Registration Number
  • HTS

    Harmonized Tariff
  • IATA

    International Air Transport Association
  • IBP

    Indian Black Pepper Certificate
  • ICC

    International Chamber of Commerce

    International Committee of Medical Journal Editors
  • ICSR

    Individual Case Study Report
  • IDE

    Investigational Device Exemption
  • IDE

    Biologics Investigational Device Exemption
  • IDE

    Investigational Device Exemption Number
  • IFE

    Import for Export/reqs Quantity & Value
  • IMDG

    International Maritime Dangerous Goods
  • IMO

    International Maritime Organization
  • IMO

    International Maritime Organization
  • INAD

    Investigational New Animal Drug
  • Incoterms

    a set of rules which define the responsibilities of sellers and buyers for the delivery of goods under sales contracts. They are published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and are widely used in commercial transactions.
  • IND

    Investigational New Drug Application
  • IND

    Investigational New Drug Number
  • IND

    Biologics Investigation New Drug Application Number
  • IRB

    Institutional Review Board
  • IRC

    Impact Resistance Lens Test Cert.
  • ISO

    International Standards Organization
  • ITN

    Internal Transaction Number
  • JAMA

    Journal of the American Medical Association
  • KIT

    Device Imported Kit of Finished Device
  • LCL

    Less than Container Load
  • LOC

    Letter of Credit
  • LST

    Device Listing Number
  • LTL

    Less than Container Load
  • LWC

    Electrode Lead Wire or Patient Cable
  • Mar Ad

    Maritime Administration

    Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience
  • MAWB

    Master (carrier) Bill of Lading
  • MDL

    Device Model Number

    Radiation Products Model Number
  • MDR

    Mandatory Medical Device Reporting
  • MPF

    Merchandise Processing Fee
  • MT

    Measurement ton – 1 Cubic Meter or 1000 kgs which every yields greater revenue
  • NADA

    New Animal Drug Application

    North American Free Trade Agreement
  • NAI

    No Action Indicated
  • NCIE

    Notice of Claimed Investigational Exemption for a New Animal Drug
  • NDA

    New Drug Application
  • NDA

    New Drug Application Number
  • NDA

    Biologics New Drug Application
  • NDC

    National Drug Code
  • NEJM

    New England Journal of Medicine
  • NEW

    Net Explosive Weight
  • NIH

    National Institutes of Health
  • NLM

    National Library of Medicine
  • NMFC

    National Motor Freight Classification
  • NOS

    Not Otherwise Specified
  • NSE

    Not substantially equivalent

    Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier
  • NW

    Net Weight
  • O/F

    Ocean Freight
  • OAI

    Office Action Indicated
  • OBL

    Original Bill of Lading
  • OF

    Ocean Freight
  • ORA

    Office of Regulatory Affairs
  • OTC

  • PhRMA

    Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America
  • PL

    Packing List
  • PL

    Packing List
  • PMA

    Premarket Approval Application
  • PMA

    Biologics Device Premarket Approval Number
  • PMA

    Device Premarket Approval Number
  • PMN

    Biologics Pre-Market Notification Number (510(k))
  • PMN

    Device Premarket Notification Num (510k)
  • PND

    Prior Notice Disclaim
  • POD

    Proof of Delivery
  • POE

    Port of Entry
  • PREA

    Pediatric Research Equity Act
  • RA1,RA2, RA5,RA7

    Rad Health Product Affirmation A (FD 2877)
  • RA3,RA4, RA6

    Rad Health Product Affirmation A (FD 2877)
  • RB1

    Rad Health Product Affirmation B (FD 2877) - transmit with ANC or ACC
  • RB2

    Rad Health Product Affirmation B (FD 2877)
  • RC1

    Rad Health Product Affirmation C (FD 2877)
  • RC2

    Rad Health Product Affirmation C (FD 2877)
  • RD1,RD2

    Rad Health Product Affirmation D (FD 2877)
  • RD3

    Rad Health Product Affirmation D (FD 2877)
  • REG

    Drug Registration Number
  • RF

    Radio Frequency
  • RF1-RF5

    Food Products Refused by another Country (FSMA requirement)
  • RFI

    Request for Information
  • RFID

    Radio Frequency Identification
  • RMA

    Return Material Authorization
  • Ro Ro

    Roll on Roll off vessel
  • SEB

    Single Entry Bond
  • SEC

    Securities and Exchange Commission
  • SED

    Shippers Export Declaraton
  • SID

    Schedule Process Identifier Number
  • SIF

    Seafood HACCP Inporter Firm
  • STN

    Biologics Submission Tracking Number
  • TEU

    Twenty-foot container equivalent
  • TIB

    Temporary Import Bond
  • TOFC

    Trailer on Flat Car
  • TSA

    Transportation Security Administration
  • TSCA

    Toxic Substance Control Act
  • UCC

    Uniform Code Council
  • UFC

    Unacceptable to Foreign Country (Non-Food producsts)
  • ULD

    Unit Load Device

    United States Customs and Border Protection
  • USDA

    United States Department of Agriculture

    Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System
  • VAI

    Voluntary Action Indicated
  • VAN

    Veterinary Abbreviated New Animal Drug Number
  • VFL

    Veterinary Feed Mill License
  • VIN

    Veterinary Investigational New Animal Drug Number
  • VMS

    Veterinary Minor Species Index File
  • VNA

    Veterinary New Animal Drug Application Number
  • VOL

  • W/M

    Weight or Measure, usually rate driven as to which yields greatest revenue
  • WTO

    World Trade Organization